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From her small boutique in the heart of Belgravia, Rachel Vosper and her team have built a reputation for candles of exceptional quality. Pairing traditional techniques with natural ingredients, she creates products with a story to tell – fragrances that stir memories and reignite the imagination.


Of all the senses, smell is one of the most evocative. Whether it returns you to a much-loved place or conjures up a moment in time, Rachel’s candles create that sense of connection. This is perfectly captured in her scent library; a curated collection of fragrances that speaks directly to her clients’ memories, their experiences, their unique personalities. From fresh, citrus top notes through to hints of floral and deep, woody bases, Rachel’s expert balance of natural fragrances creates luxury candles with depth and character.

 As much care is given over to the craft of the candles as to the selection of scents. Using a three-part pouring method, and drawing on the high melting point properties of natural beeswax, Rachel Vosper candles are designed to burn brighter, for longer. 

For The Berkeley, Rachel has created a scent that perfectly captures the comforting, yet contemporary feel of the hotel with notes of orange blossom, bergamot and amber. Each hand-crafted piece comes encased in glass and can be refilled time and again with fresh scents to suit your mood or occasion.